Portrait Photography Experimentation with a Friend

I somewhat surprisingly managed to convince a friend of mine to serve as a guinea pig while I practiced portrait photography a bit tonight, and I have to say that, despite his claims otherwise, he makes a fairly nice subject. I kind of feel like I was able to capture the essence of him in a way (which is why I included a few photos with non-traditional posing... if you know him it will make sense) which makes me both happy and proud. He let me share these with a guarantee of anonymity... which again, is so like him.

Revisting the Art of Mastering Selfie Failure

Another banal attempt at mastering the art of the “selfie” through experimentation with lighting, posing, and angles. Ultimately all I think I managed to succeed at is making myself look like a demented chipmunk. (Yes, I know I am taking this way too seriously. It is me… what do you want?) I suppose I should be thankful that I find this outcome to be more amusing than anything else.

Serbian Strong

Serbian Strong

I was happy to have the opportunity to take these photos.  Aleks is one of the guys that I am closest to that is into boxing, and in fact he was the first trainer I worked with when I started this whole journey at Delgado's Boxing.  (lol I was so pitiful and out of shape I had to leave class early and he made me promise to come back because he thought for sure I was just going to leave and never return.)  Due to that fact I really had been wanting to get some good photos of him, but he is always on the kick boxing side of